Etherman & bind problems

Etherman & bind problems

Post by Didier Moe » Wed, 28 Sep 1994 18:52:48

Hi all,

Last week, I installed the network snooping tools Etherman/Interman/Packetman

As the title suggests, I cannot run the aforementioned packages. Both Etherman
& Interman find the colour display and my /etc/ethers file (a small test file
with 3 entries, including the SGI ethernet address), but fail with the
following message :

                'bind : cannot assign requested address'

Packetman doesn't like the hosts I try to key in (I've tried both hostnames,
IP addresses and ethernet addresses to no avail). I suppose this has nothing
to do with the bind problem.

I've consulted both the FAQ's and the WAIS archives, but didn't find a clue.

The SGI is an IRIS 4D/420VGX, running IRIX 4.0.5. It is situated in one of the
four subnets of a Novell server (100 users, 35 workstations). In the same
subnet is a Sun SPARCclassic, which runs these utilities just fine.

As a sidenote : when running Etherman on the Sun, it seems the Sun considers
only its own subnet as the network to be checked ; I cannot see the 3 other
subnets. However, I can ping workstations on the other subnets without any
problem. Interman shows the other subnets as separate networks. As I suspect
this problem to occur on the SGI too (once my bind problem is resolved ;), I
would like to ask for any suggestions on this matter.



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