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Looking for offers, individually or as a complete lot

4 x VME (Challenge/Onyx1)
5 x XIO (O2000/Onyx2)
20+ x PCI (O2/Octane)
2 x GIO (Indy/Challenge S)
8 x GIO64 (Indigo2)



1. ATM cards for SGI (was: === ATM networks ===)

We have ATM cards in two of our challenge servers - one VME card
from Fore Systems and one IRIS ATM card from SGI on the HIO.

I really prefer the IRIS ATM card because it seems to be faster and more
flexible to configure. So I ordered additional cards of "IRIS ATM" but
I'm interested why you prefer FORE.
Our challenges are connected to ATM-equipment manufactured by Cisco, maybe
the FORE cards are a good choice if you use FORE switches.

BTW: I'll have to upgrade the challenges to IRIX 6.2 in the near future.
     Is the software for the IRIS ATM card part of IRIX 6.2 Varsity or is
     additional software needed? (if so, I didn't get it)


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