Networking SGI, Apple and NT, looking for best way.

Networking SGI, Apple and NT, looking for best way.

Post by Aaron Tunnel » Thu, 27 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I have the following environmenment that I need to network to a central NT
server runing NT Server 4.0 and its RAID storage system.

2 Apple G4 PowerMac's running OS 9
1 Apple G3 PowerBook Running OS 9
1 NT Workstation Running 4.0
1 SGI Octane Running Irix 6.5.5
1 SGI Onyx Running Irix 6.2 "this system will have the VME 100BT option"

Now the real question is how best to network the systems together, the
physical interface is easy and will be 100Bt ethernet, thats no problem.
Now from a talk standpoint what solutions do you all recomend?  They must be
easy to use, reliable and as quick as possible as these will be a bunch of
editor's pussing large amounts of uncompressed video back and forth from the
NT server.  Now the systems do not half to talk to each other, only the NT
server box, although if they could or some could that would be cool as well.
My first thought is to just run a FTP server on the NT server and have them
ftp, in. My other thoughts were appletalk? I know the NT box has appltetalk
support but i dont know if it can be an appletalk server, or if the 6.3 Irix
Onyx supports Appletalk? And does anyone know if appletalk has a speed
limit?  Other thoughts were Smaba "but do mac's dont support it?" and this
would not let the NT box be the server of the RAID storage? Last would be a
3rd party app Like XS or that app from Intergraph that lets you talk to
SGI's from NT and vice vs.  In the end the storage must be on the NT box for
OFFLINE use, in other words copy and send only, not use directly off the
Array.  Can anyone share their solutions, of that does work and not work and
the Pro's and con's.  Price is an option as well.  In the end it looks like
FTP connections are the quick, cheap and dirty way of doing this.  Thanks
and feel free to point out thing I have missed or overlooked.


Networking SGI, Apple and NT, looking for best way.

Post by Anton Dischne » Thu, 04 May 2000 04:00:00

Hi Aaron,

i'd take Samba for SGI: no costs, runs great, even SGI supported if you want.

Dave for Mac's to connect to SMB-Serber See:

Let the SGI be the (Samba-SMB)-server. You will have no trouble with an unix server!

Get rid of NT ;-) if this is not an option connect the NT as a client to SGI-Samba.

appletalk is slow and will not be routed in the future.

I believe ftp is the fastest option!?

If you go the ftp,rcp-way take a look at rsync from
for file transfer between unix hosts.

Maybe the upcoming MaxOS X is an option, it's based on bsd-unix and shure will support
all nice unix tools.

Netatalk would be a good option for a Linux server because it's pre-configured
but not for SGI.



Test well and ...
Good luck.


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