FS: Octane R10K

FS: Octane R10K

Post by Sama » Thu, 05 Aug 1999 04:00:00

For sale Octane:

195 MHZ R10000
4 gig hard drive
SI Graphics Board
20" monitor
Keyboard and mouse

System is in excellent condition.


FS: Octane R10K

Post by GHMStudi » Thu, 05 Aug 1999 04:00:00


1. FS:Octane R10k

I am selling a Octane R10k SE graphics I bought off of E-bay last
month in order to get a O2...the Octane is overkill for me for what I
want to do and would prefer a smaller workstation...I bought this from
a seller in Texas who buys SGI AND SUN machines off lease from
corporations. It has a 9gb hard drive and 512 of RAM with IRIX
6.5.12(no media included). It came with a new keyboard and mouse and a
brand new set of Polk speakers. It boots up fine and used it a few
times to see what was on it and played mostly around with the Unix
shell. So far it runs fine. Only a few scuffs and sratches on case,
otherwise the condition is mint. comes with power cord and power
supply too. I am selling it for $735, a little less than what I paid
for. I also have a Plextor Plexwriter(ultra scsi) 12x10x32 cd-drive
that I won't be needing as well that is a factory refurbished unit,
bought it the first week in April thinking I would use it for my
Octane but since the O2 comes with a cd-rom I don't really need it.
Will sell both for $875 or best offer. Like I said before, I'm
dropping this system for a O2 becuase the Octane is overkill for what

if interested....I also kept the original packing materials the seller
sent the unit in and it was packed nicely. Buyers pay for shipping. No
international orders please as it is a pain to ship overseas unless
buyer can secure a fast easy method of shipement with a US carrier(
Fed Ex, UPS, etc etc.).Sold as is. No warranty involved. Thank you.

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