WANTED: calendar/planner app

WANTED: calendar/planner app

Post by CVL staff member Nate Sammo » Wed, 13 Jul 1994 04:38:01

I used to have a great shareware calendar app that was available for
the SGI.  Does anyone know of a good (read: great) calendar/dayplanner
app for the SGI (or X in general)?




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WANTED: calendar/planner app

Post by Lincourt Maximili » Wed, 13 Jul 1994 09:01:36

Quote:>I used to have a great shareware calendar app that was available for
>the SGI.  Does anyone know of a good (read: great) calendar/dayplanner
>app for the SGI (or X in general)?

        I use Plan, it's a good(read: great) program for X/Motif that hase been
posted on alt.sources (or was it comp.sources.x ???) But you can check on
archie for it... Here is the README


plan - an X/Motif day planner
Plan is a schedule planner based on X/Motif. It displays a month calendar
similar to xcal, but every day box is large enough to show appointments
in small print. By pressing on a day box, the appointments for that day
can be listed and edited. Appointments are entered with the following
information (everything except the time is optional):

- the date, time, and length of the appointment
- an optional text message to be printed,
- an optional script to be executed,
- early-warn and late-warn triggers that precede the alarm time
- repetitions: [n-th] weekdays, days-of-the-month, every n days, yearly
- optional fast command-line appointment entry
- flexible ways to specify holidays and vacations
- extensive context help

The action being taken when a warn or alarm time is reached is programmable;
by default a window pops up. In addition, a program can be executed, or mail
can be sent. Other methods of listing appointments (today, this week, next
week, or a keyword search for regular expressions) are also available. Plan
can be configured to display times in 12-hour or 24-hour formats, mmddyy and
ddmmyy date formats, and can show either Monday or Sunday in the leftmost
column. Three view modes are supported: one month, one year, and one week.
The week view plots appointments as colored and labelled bars in a hour vs.
day chart, and allows other users' appointments to be included.

You do not need root access to install and run these programs. Edit the
Makefile to change the installation directories (default /usr/local/bin),
and run "make <systemname>". Default is sgi. For a list of supported system
names, run "make help".

You'll have to copy the nroff manpage plan.[14], or the plain-text manpage
plan.[14]cat (don't forget to strip the "cat") to your manpage directories
manually, because that _does_ require root privileges.

This distributions creates three binaries:

plan        the schedule program. It displays the calendar and allows
            entry of appointments. It writes everything to a .dayplan*
            files in the user's home directory. It does not check for
            alarms, this is done by the pland daemon. plan informs pland
            when the ~/.dayplan file changed by sending a hangup signal
            to pland. plan can be used without the other programs, but
            no alarms will be triggered.

pland       the daemon that waits for alarm events, and pops up windows,
            sends mail, and/or executes a program when an alarm time is
            reached. It creates a lockfile /tmp/.planUID, with UID being
            the user's user ID. The lockfile prevents multiple pland's.
            It also contains pland's process ID, which is read by plan
            to find out where the hangup signals should be sent. pland
            should be started in the user's .sgisession or .xsession file.

notifier    a program that prints a file (or standard input) into a
            window. Depending on the options, the window is green, yellow,
            or red. pland uses notifier to display messages; notifier was
            not integrated into pland to keep the pland executable as
            small as possible (X/Motif programs tend to be very large).

Plan.icon   for SGI systems. Copy this file to your ~/.icons directory
            to get a full-color icon.
plan_cal.ps the PostScript skeleton for the print functions, should go
            into /usr/local/bin (see LIB in the Makefile)
plan.help   all help texts, should go into /usr/local/bin (see LIB in
            the Makefile)
Mkdoc       a contributed perl script that converts plan.help to troff
Killpland   a contributed perl script that can be called from ~/.logout
            to kill pland on logout.
Monochrome  a sample resource list for monochrome systems, to be appended
            to ~/.Xdefaults .

plan and notifier print usage messages when an unknown option is used;
pland has only one option, -k, that kills the existing daemon first if
there is one. In particular, plan -d and notifier -d dump the default X
resources; you can do "plan -d >>.Xdefaults" and modify the resources.
Make sure the plan.help file is in your search path.

Note -- I do not guarantee the accuracy of the .holiday template files
in the distribution.

version number as printed by "plan -v".


plan is Copyrighted by Thomas Driemeyer, 1993, 1994. License to copy,
publish, and distribute is granted to everyone provided that three
conditions are met:

  berlin.de>" must remain in the distribution and any documentation
  that was not part of this distribution. In particular, my name
  and address must be shown in the About popup.
- if you redistribute a modified version, the fact that the version
  is modified must be stated in all places that my name is shown.
- this copyright notice must be included in your distribution.

If these conditions are met, you can do whatever you like. The
idea is that I would be pissed if someone else claimed he wrote the
thing, and I don't want bugs introduced by others attributed to me.
Make as much money with it as you can. Drop me a line, I am curious.

There are no implied or expressed warranties for plan. I do not
claim it is good for anything whatsoever, and if you lose your
precious data or your dog dies this is entirely your problem.
* Maximilien Lincourt B.Sc                       * revolution           *


WANTED: calendar/planner app

Post by Irv Lust » Wed, 13 Jul 1994 21:59:06

|> I used to have a great shareware calendar app that was available for
|> the SGI.  Does anyone know of a good (read: great) calendar/dayplanner
|> app for the SGI (or X in general)?
|> thanks,
|> -nate
|> --

|>            System Admin - CSU Computer Visualization Laboratory

I use vcal, which Mike Yang of SGI wrote.  Here is a (possibly old)
announcement (dated 4/19/94):

I have a new version of my VCal program, a simple calendar with
alarms.  This version (0.65) adds these new features:

    Multiple alarm event types (popup, bell, email, command)
    Multiple alarm events per entry (measured in days, hours, minutes)
    Month and week overview displays
    Month PostScript printing, day/week/month ASCII output

The features of the older version (0.54) include:

    Multi-line text appointments
    Popup alarms can be dismissed, snoozed, or can delete the appointment
    Full control of configurable options through preferences dialog
    Support for multiple, simultaneous accessors of the same database

Once you run this new version of VCal, older versions will not be able
to read the new database format.  So, if multiple people access your
~/.vcal file, make sure that everyone upgrades at once.

    This version works only if you're running Irix 5.2 or later because
    of DSO compatibility.  If you're running an older Irix, you can
    only run the older version (0.54).

VCal is available from ftp.sgi.com:~ftp/sgi/vcal/.  In that directory,
there are two compressed tar files:

        vcal_0.65.tar.Z            [Irix 5.2 or later]
        vcal_0.54.tar.Z            [older than Irix 5.2]

Grab the appropriate one, uncompress and untar the distribution, and
then run "make" as root.  Refer to the README file in the same
directory for further details if you have any difficulties.

Use the "On Window" menu item under the "Help" menu to see the help
text describing VCal and its interface.

                 Mike Yang        Silicon Graphics, Inc.


WANTED: calendar/planner app

Post by Thomas Driemey » Fri, 15 Jul 1994 05:32:03

>    I use Plan, it's a good(read: great) program for X/Motif that hase been
>posted on alt.sources (or was it comp.sources.x ???)

As it happens, I just posted patch 1.3.1 to alt.sources today. You can
find the sources on

        ftp.fu-berlin.de (directory /pub/unix/graphics/plan)
        ftp.cs.indiana.edu (directory pub/plan)

There is an older version on the Developer's Toolbox CD 4.0, and I have
submitted version 1.3.1 for the 4.2 CD.

Have fun,



                   Schweidnitzer Str. 6, 10709 Berlin


WANTED: calendar/planner app

Post by Mike Ya » Fri, 15 Jul 1994 06:24:01

|> I use vcal, which Mike Yang of SGI wrote.

Thanks for the plug.  The Developer's Toolbox 4.2 CD will contain the
source to VCal as well as the binary.  It will require C++ and ViewKit
to build.

                 Mike Yang        Silicon Graphics, Inc.


1. announcing X/Motif calendar/day planner/alarm clock

I just posted a calendar program with various appointment entry and alarm
options to alt.sources. It was developed on an Indigo and has been tested
on IRIX 4.0.[145] and 4.0.5F (PI and Indigo), as well as on HP/UX.

address similar problems; unfortunately I have no access to it because he
didn't post it. I wonder if someone could post a review? Judging by Mike's
very brief announcement, our programs are not quite the same thing.

The main features include:

- European and US time and date formats (am/pm, mmdd/ddmm, sunday-first)
- month calendars with appointment lines in small print
- full-year calendar with appointment indicators (no fine print here :-)
- graphical appointment entry with date, time, and length of appointment
- single-line or multi-line messages that pop up or are mailed at alarm time,
- scripts that execute at alarm time,
- programmable early warnings and late warnings preceding the alarm time,
- repetition information: weekdays, days-of-the-month, every n days, until
- programmable events at warning/alarm time: popup, mail, and/or command exec
- entry search by day, week, month, keywords (regular expressions)
- very small daemon that watches warning and alarm times
- installable without root privileges
- optional fast command-line appointment entry
- full on-line help

The subject in alt.sources is "X/Motif calendar/day planner/alarm clock,
part [0-6] of 6".

If you post a followup, *please* email me a copy. I won't be getting news
for a week, but email will be queued up.

Have fun,



                   Schweidnitzer Str. 6, 1000 Berlin 31     fax: +49 30 8932764


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