Who makes a PCI Ethernet card I can use in the O2 PCI slot?

Who makes a PCI Ethernet card I can use in the O2 PCI slot?

Post by h.. » Thu, 13 May 1999 04:00:00

I want to dual-home my O2 to act as a firewall. I'd like to get a cheap PCI
Ethernet card to install into the PCI option slot to act as the second
ethernet interface. Are their any PC brand Ethernet cards I can drop in or
do I need an expensive SGI only brand I'm going to pay lots of $$$$'s for?

I don't need 100MB, just plain old 10MB.

Thanks for any help or direction the group can provide.

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Thanks again!


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Pls. help.
The problem is :
    O2/6.3 connected peer to peer ( crossed cable ) to NT
        Hardware :
            O2 - Racore 10/100Mb Eth Card on PCI slot
            NT - 3Com 3c905
    When connected to PCI slot ( ec1 ) hangs under heavy load
    When connected to on-board card, everything is fine
All Recomended Patches + 3029 (PCI Ethernet patch ) installed

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