SGI IRIS harddrive format using sifex

SGI IRIS harddrive format using sifex

Post by Bill Thompso » Thu, 08 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I've got an SGI IRIS 3130 that we use to model visual databases using
IDEAL4 application for IMAGE IV visual systems.

I just recently received 2 SGI IRIS computers and I am presently trying
to configure the hard drives to match the one on our present system.
The units are all configured identically with Hitachi 512-17 ESDI drives
and have the same board configuration.

I made a "mkboot" tape from the present system and used it to boot the
first new unit.  I then started the new unit from tape and ran 'sifex'.
I configured the new unit's hard drive to match the configuration of our
present units' hard drive.  I then installed the operating system from
the "mkboot" tape.

When I reboot the unit off of the hard drive and run the filesystem
check the /usr partition fails with a reference to "bitmap size
808464432 should be 101058054".  I've tried modifying the /etc/mtab file
to include a reference to the partition (adding the line /dev/si0f /usr
efs rw,raw=/dev/rsi0f 0 0)  but every time I reboot it removes the line
I added.  (The /etc/fstab has references to both partitions.)

Bill Thompson
Simulator Engineer, Visual Systems
FlightSafety Boeing
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Seattle, Washington 98124-1787

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