Irix 6.2 Subnet Mask? Help

Irix 6.2 Subnet Mask? Help

Post by jest » Thu, 06 May 1999 04:00:00

> When I go to the network manager to change the subnet mask it wants it in the
> format similar to: 0x0x0xffff or something crazy like that.

> Here is the IP:
> Here is the Subnet:

> How the heck do I enter that in Irix 6.2's Network Manager?

> Thanks!  I appreciate any help!

Well, I don't know the Irix 6.2 Network Manager, but if you're looking to
convert the netmask in octet style to hexadecimal notation,
translates to 0xffffc000. Just convert the individual octets from decimal to
hexadecimal and string them together, preceding the entire thing with "0x" to
denote that it's in hexadecimal.