Help: Full System Backup

Help: Full System Backup

Post by Surya Shand » Wed, 29 Mar 2000 04:00:00 I explore more into the system, I am beginning to see more
complications. Here is the break down

SGI ONYX Reality Engine 2 running IRIX6.2
2 hard drive, the main one has efs volume (this is where root is)
then the second one mounted to this one( I think) has xfs volume.

Ok...I did a bru backup for the efs volume. And it terminates
succesfully. I have not checked the validity of the there a
way to do such (high confidence check..I need to make sure this is the
real thing..not some flakey backup).

Then next come the xfs volume HD....I can do xfsdump I assume? If I do
that, I will have a set of backup for just that HD. Then I can use the
backup and dump the data to the HD incase anything gets messed up. I
hope it works....

Does this process sound right? Any suggestion will be welcomed....Much
thanks in advance.


Surya Shandy


1. Irix5.3 full system Backup HELP.

I have an Indigo2 who's system disk I've been succesfully backing up to
DAT using the 'Backup' command under Irix 5.3.

In the verbose output I noticed a bru error- something to the effect of
'lost file <somename>, name (or path?) too long' and it goes on to list
a path that is shortened with a // somewhere in the name.

How do I get around this? I need to be able to do a full system backup
including these files with really long pathnames that bru doesn't seem
to be able to handle.

Is there another method for doing a system backup that will leave me
with a tape that can be restored onto a clean HD if nead be?

thanks for any help,

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