Getting GNU Emacs 18.59 to compile on Irix 5.2

Getting GNU Emacs 18.59 to compile on Irix 5.2

Post by Wei-Yuen T » Mon, 31 Oct 1994 15:39:36

I don't feel like using emacs 19, and I prefer not to download precompiled
binaries, so has anyone had any success in building emacs 18.59 on an Irix 5.2
system? If so, I'd appreciate it if you told me how exactly you got it to
build properly. An email response would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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1. frustrated trying to compile GNU emacs 18.59 on IRIS SGI 4D/35 - HELP!

Hi, I just got to a new job and tried to install emacs on my new
machine, (well, it's not new - but it's new to me). It's an IRIS SGI
4D/35 (or so they tell me) running IRIX 4.0.3

I downloaded emacs 18.59 and I couldn't get it to compile whatever I
did. Before I tried to compile emacs I got the latest version of gcc
and got that compiled and running no problem. Then I tried emacs and
got nothing but problems. My problems always start when I try to do a
make in the src subdirectory.  I get a lot of warnings about
mismatched types in verious programs, then the make stops for an
error. I then tried to use cc instead of gcc and I got many less
warnings, but eventually it crashed because it said it ran out of pure
lisp space, or some such weirdness.

So this is really driving me up the wall, and what I'm wondering is,
is there anyone out there who's done this exact same thing and had no
problems? If so, perhaps you could get in touch with me, because I
have a feeling if I could find the right person I could clear this up
easily. Of course, I could be wrong. Anyway, if you have done this,
and got it working, could you please send me mail? Thanks.

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