how to get rid of StartSysTour icon?

how to get rid of StartSysTour icon?

Post by Gabriel Zachma » Tue, 03 Nov 1998 04:00:00

How do i get rid of the stupid "StartSysTour",
Register_&_Win, and Welcome_to_SGI icons
on the desktop of 6.5???

I can move them to the dumpster, but with the next login they're back!
I tried a find in .desktop-<host>, but there seem to be no such files/links.

Any hint will be gratly appreciated!

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1. getting rid of some desktop icons...

I want to keep the user's directory desktop icon, but want to lose
all of the others (ie. cdrom, dat, camera).  The problem is that
we share desktop configs between a lot of different systems and
it seems that they get confused.  

How can I get rid of just certain system icons?  I've "removed"
icon from desktop, but it always comes back after logout/login again.

Thanks for any help!



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