FT: Nortel Router for SGI

FT: Nortel Router for SGI

Post by Jabe » Tue, 01 Oct 2002 05:32:02

I have for trade: Notrtel Networks Contivity 400-s VPN gateway device.
Highlights include:

IPSEC VPN including client (50 users) and Gateway to Gateway
Does 3DES MD5 Encryption at 10 Mbits
Full Nat implementation
Socks 4 an 5
Integration with NT Security accounts, Novell and LDAP
Granular user/group manager
Configuration via software suite (included), serial connection and telnet
Includes 1 10/100 mbit external card compatible with pppoe, cable or
1 inernal interface
7 port switch with auto sense
Configurable firewall
Web Cache server
RIP v2 routing
Tons of other stuff...to numerous to mention
Running latest IOS (or whatever)
Includes software and PDF's for manuals.
Currently psuedo configured running on business dsl

I am looking to trade this for an sgi workstation.