HOWTO: Connect an Octane to the F220 (step-by-step)

HOWTO: Connect an Octane to the F220 (step-by-step)

Post by Assam Syr » Tue, 14 Jan 2003 07:30:58

1)Take the 13W3-13W3-cable which you are probably using at the moment.

2)Open one plug, take note where the cables connect to the HD15 part
of the 13W3-plug, then chop it off and free a bit of wire. The bulky
things shortly after the plugs (which occasionally exist) are ferrit
cores used for shielding the cable. Cut the plastic away and move the
core further down the cable if it's in your way. If you don't worry
about interference you may also remove it totally.

3)Get a soldering iron and solder the cables (they are marked with the
according color) listed in the left column on the pins of an HD15 plug
(A1-3 are the fat coax pins):

13W3                    HD15            Desc.
A1 inner                1               Red
A2 inner                2               Green
A3 inner                3               Blue
A1 outer                6               Red Ground
A2 outer                7               Green Ground
A3 outer                8               Blue Ground
8                       10              sync ground
4                       13              horiz./comp. sync
5                       14              vert. sync

You may also connect the plug's metal shieldings to each other.

4)Boot Irix and set the screen resolution to 1600x1024 (only on MXE
and SSE IIRC). Finished! Thanks go out to Ingo for the above layout,
Brian from LGE for providing the pinout of the F220 (listed below for
interested parties) and Fran for creating the prototype cable.

F220 pinout:

Pin   Signal   Pin    Signal   Pin    Signal
1     RED       6     GND      11     IDO
2     GREEN     7     GND      12     DDC DATA
3     BLUE      8     GND      13     HSYNC
4     ID2       9     NC       14     VSYNC
5     GND      10     GND      15     DDC CLOCK


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