HELP:2 ques: Copying large directory structure and mkfs

HELP:2 ques: Copying large directory structure and mkfs

Post by QM » Sat, 01 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Hi, I've just created a new partition for my /home directory and have
temporary renamed my old /home directory to /oldhome. The thing is that when I
attempted to transfer the users from /oldhome to /home, i.e.
        cp -R /oldhome/* /home/.
When I use "du -k" on both directories the reported sizes are different. What
am I doing wrong, or what should I be doing?

On another note when I use the "mkfs" command what is the blocksize that I
should set. i.e. to format a partition is it just say
        mkfs.ext2 /dev/hdb1



1. copying a directory structure with a particular file in directories below

I need some help/advise on how to copy a directory structure with a
particular file in directories below the start directory.

Let's say I have many text files [*.txt] with many data files and other
files [*.data, *.*]
The directory I want to copy across to another area with only the text
files but which also retains the directory structure.


       |    |__[directory_2.1]

I want to copy the directory [data] to another area with just the *.txt
files but retain the directory structure.

I tried to do this

cp -r `find /[root_directory]/[data] -name "*.txt"` .

NOTE: The above when I include the square brackets is meant to
represent the full name of the
directory and is not to be confused with anything else.

cp -r `find /root_directory/data/ -name "*.txt"` .

When doing this, all I get is the *.txt files without the directory
structure. If the *.txt files have the same name it will cause
problems. So I can copy the directory structure it would be great.

I hope you can understand the issue/problem statement from my
If you have any questions please ask me.


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