dialin server connect OK but can't mail,ftp...to this server via ppp

dialin server connect OK but can't mail,ftp...to this server via ppp

Post by Mr Mi » Wed, 27 Nov 2002 00:21:07

Hi all,
I setting up a Dialin server use
From window dial to Linux server so OK
- I can't ftp ,mail,telnet... to Linux server
  to Linux server which dialed .
- Window dial screen 's error
  character code ,present [] character so I can't
  read it.I think cause different from CR and LF code
  on Window and Linux ,it' true ???  

  Help me,


1. Setting up PPP DialIn Server ... connects but won't work

I'm doing my darndest trying to get my Linux system setup as a PPP
server for my NT Laptop.  The NT connects just fine to my PPP ISP
(unrelated to the ISP used for my Linux LAN). The NT dials and connects
with the Linux system.  Debug messages seem to show a normal login,
LCP negotiation and connection. The NT reports that the connection
is established.

But the most I can ever do over this connection is PING from the NT to
Linux (or other hosts on the LAN) but only using the IP address. I can
never PING from Linux to the NT. I can't TELNET from the NT to Linux.

I see no indication of an error on Linux but the NT reports very
frequent CRC errors. I can generally correlate the errors with DNS
responses if I try to ping via host name or to the ping packets when I
try to ping the NT from Linux.

I'm running Linux kernel 2.0.35 and last night I upgraded ppp to 2.3.5
and that made no difference. I've connected using manual login and
using the mgetty AutoPPP feature with PAP authentication.

Seems like there is a disagreement between NT and Linux re. CRC generation
but I need a clue what to check.

   Dave Morris

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