password database distribution or sharing systems, opinions?

password database distribution or sharing systems, opinions?

Post by Chris De » Thu, 26 Jun 1997 04:00:00

I'm looking for some opinions. We have some systems which have the same
users and passwords by distributing an authoritative passwd and shadow
file around to the various machines via ssh. This is currently working
well but obviously will not scale, on both a per machine and entire
system basis.

The current passwd file contains about 3500 entries and will soon need
some sort of hashing system to allow fast lookups.

We are already using PAM quite extensively and will be using pwdb in
the not too distant future so we have a good deal of flexibility. What
the real question comes down to is what methods and modules with PAM
and pwdb will work best in this sort of situation? I've considered NIS
but I've had such ickiness with that on other platforms that I tend to
get cold and clammy when people start talking about it. I'm willing to
have my opinion swayed, though.

Thanks for any input.
Chris Dent........SysAdmin
...........Kiva Networking


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