Linux 2.2.15 has problem with config

Linux 2.2.15 has problem with config

Post by jollyro.. » Wed, 14 Jun 2000 04:00:00

Hello all,

        I have just run into a small problem that may cause some confusion. I
have noticed a problem when compiling source for the linux kernel and
enabling the "PCI Quirks" option under the General menu. When you set
that option and then compile the sound.o module, it looses a Reference
to a "isa_dma_bridge_buggy" I'm sure this is caused by a dependency
problem. This unresolved symbol shows up when you try to add the module
to the kernel at run time. It will not allow you to connect the sound
card drivers and therefore:) you will get no sound. I have discovered a
way around the problem. If you compile the module without "PCI Quirks"
and then install the modules, the compile the kernel with "PCI Quirks"
The system run's normally. I have yet to see a problem doing this. This
is however not a good problem to have, as something must be missing from
the configuration. If somone else sees this problem just compile the
modules without PCI Quirks and the kernel itself with it. And you should
be OK. Note I also have the udf, and the dvd patches installed. But I
don't think that would be related. Someone may prove me wrong though.


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1. Feedback on 2.2.15 (wasRe: Kernel Stable: 2.2.15pre4 )

I've been trying the 2.2.15 prereleases, and so far they seem great.
2.2.15 pre 4 (subjectively speaking) made my system much zippier
than 2.2.13/4 and 2.2.15 pre 5 which I built last night, feels
faster still (and apparently has some rather neat debug code to
trap bad application memory use/kernel bugs).

So overall I'm very pleased. Many thanks to Alan and the guys who've
been working on the VM stuff. It feels great for me.

BTW I'm running this on Mandrake 6.1, Cyrix 6x86 MX 300, 64MB RAM.

Like I say, 2.2.15 feels like it's shaping up to be the best 2.2 kernel
yet by a significant margin (to me at least!)

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