Edith V1.32 final beta release

Edith V1.32 final beta release

Post by Annius Groeni » Sat, 26 Oct 1996 04:00:00

                    Edith Pro V1.32 beta release note

               Edith Pro for X11 - a windowing text editor

Edith  Pro  is a  high quality  user-friendly  text editing  system that
combines  a  modern, colourful  multi-window  user interface  with large
basic editing flexibility.  It is intended for those who want a powerful
editing  tool, but are _not_  prepared to spend a  wealth of energy into
learning  and configuring  their applications.  Edith  includes a small,
fast and friendly net browser.

It  is intended to eventually become low-budget commercial software, and
at  least for an initial period, single licences will be free.  Licences
will  be  independent  of the  software,  and frequent  updates  will be
available  through the  ZFC web pages.   Binaries are  now available for
IRIX 5, Solaris and Linux ELF.

The most recent beta version can be downloaded from the NLnet web server


Any  feedback would be  highly appreciated.  Development  is on schedule
for a first full release on or before January 1st, 1997.


Edith  Pro  concentrates  on  editing  features  that  are  universal in
applicability;  as such  it is _not_  a programmable editor,  but it has
many  well  thought-out elementary  features  that allow  efficient text
editing for arbitrary types of text.

Special features are:

   -  A  multi-fragment selection/buffer  system, including manipulation
      of  column  selections.   All  operations  make  sensible  use  of
      multiple selections.

   -  Split  search  and replace  functions  with or  without wildcards,
      based  on the  multiple selection  facility.

   -  Separate incremental quick search function with target completion.

   -  A  trash  buffer for  retrieving  previously deleted  text  (as an
      alternative to a multi-stage Undo).

   -  A  simple HTML-compatible info browser with full context-sensitive
      on-line  help and an interface to extern WWW loaders such as lynx,
      to  INFO,  and to  the system  manual  pages. `http:',  `ftp:' and
      `mailto:'  are recognized (but `lynx'  and `mail' are required for
      these to work).

   -  Handling  of floppy  disk and  remote files  (through `mtools' and

   -  Elaborate  support  for defining  external shell  commands; `make'
      with `clickable error messages'.

   -  A  continuously active  line-macro (`dribble')  recorder, with the
      possbility to put small dribbles under a key combination.

   -  Editing of binary files in C format

   -  A source  tag facility (driven  by standard  tag files), including
      manual creation of tags.

   -  A double true/edit tab system.

   -  Explicit   display   of   tab,   spaces   and   newlines;  instant
      compatibility with Macintosh and MS-DOS files.

   -  A  versatile `text  shortcut' system, with  supplied shortcuts for
      LaTeX, HTML and 7 ISO-Latin sets.

   -  Both  editor parameters  and  appearance (colours,  fonts)  can be
      specified  for up to  8 different editing  modes determined by the
      extension of the edited file.

   -  8  bit proof; access to  accented characters and foreign character

   -  Cell-corrected display of proportional fonts

   -  (Optional) smart window management allows a multi-windowing system
      without frequent need to move the mouse.

   -  A  client-server protocol: at most one Edith Pro server is running
      on  an X display, and subsequent calls  will send a message to the
      server.   Edith  starts quicker  than  e.g. XEmacs  or  Nedit, and
      ensures  that you are not editing the  same file twice on the same

   -  A  configurable `input queue'  allowing large numbers  of files on
      the command line to put `put on hold'.

   -  An  extra safety facility: `carbon  copies' are written at regular
      intervals and on unexpected termination.

   -  All  properties are  configurable from within  the application; no
      manual editing of configuration files necessary.

Features  not in this beta  version, but which will  appear in the first
full release:

   -  External commands with output into a window run in the background

   -  Performing    `dribbles'    on    a    multi-fragment    selection

Features likely to appear subsequent versions, but not in the first full
release, are:

   -  Regular editing of texts that contain 0 characters.

   -  Multi-stage Undo and arbitrary text macros.

   -  Table and form capabilities in the HTML browser.

Room M233, CWI, Kruislaan 413, 1098 SJ Amsterdam phone +31 20 592 40 77
.. and ZFC/home P.O.Box 15813, 1001 NH Amsterdam phone +31 20 4 208 248


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