Problem installing enlightenment 0.16.3

Problem installing enlightenment 0.16.3

Post by Ronny Deus » Sun, 20 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hello NG

Ive tried to install enlightenment 0.16.3 on my Suse Linux 6.1 OS. The
installation as RPM-Package including all the needed libraries was ok.
But when I try to start enlightenment then it returns with an error
output that shows it has no access to or could not find the file.

So Im searching for a server for downloading this lib.

Thx, Ronny.

... and may the source be with you ...


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hi folks

i've just seen that enlightenment has had a minor patch release...
question i have is, does anyone know where (if it exists) a patch
file for this release and the last

i can only find the entire tar balls and just dont have the bandwidth to
grab 11megs of src.

thanks in advance

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