Wine (codeweavers) and LM8?

Wine (codeweavers) and LM8?

Post by t.. » Sun, 03 Jun 2001 02:14:43

Hello all,

I had Codeweavers Wine (preview 3) working fine under LM7.2 (atleast had
notepad and word going). But ever since I upgraded (reinstalled) to 8.0, I
get the following problem:
- installation of rpm goes through fine
- when I run 'winesetup' as a user, the configuration goes through fine
(atleast no error messages)
- then when I attempt to run notepad.exe using the following command:
cd /mnt/windows/windows
wine notepad.exe

I get a whole bunch of errors (quite possibly from xfs because it eats up a
lot of CPU cycles) complaining that a particular encodeing in my fonts is not
valide. NOTE: I did apply the newly available drakfont tool and installed
MSWindows fonts.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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