MediaVision SoundCard / CDROM: device driver ?

MediaVision SoundCard / CDROM: device driver ?

Post by Stephan H » Sat, 13 May 1995 04:00:00


I am looking for a device driver for the MediaVision SoundBoard with CDROM attached
to the sound board.

Any help appreciated.

Stephan Hug


1. MediaVision CDROM & SoundCard problem

        This is the first time that I do a posting to solve Linux setup
problems. My problem is the following... I have a Media Vision multimedia kit
with sound card ProSonic 16 and SCSI CDROM. I tried to install my Slackware
Linux from CDROM but the kernel doesn't recognizes the CDROM. I instaled it
from my HD. Everything worked fine, but...
Still there was no recognizing. I got version 1.2.2 of Linux
Kernel, compiled it with SCSI suport and several SCSI drivers. Also with
suport for sound card SoundBlaster and SoundBlaster Pro. I never managed
to get access or even knoledge of the existence of the CDROM or SoundCard...
I can't find HOWTOs or FAQs that can help me, so I apreciate a pointer
to info or some help from somebody...

        Thank you in advance...


  Eng. Electronica e Telecomunicacoes
  Universidade de Aveiro

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