Cmix,RT -> Linux,DOS

Cmix,RT -> Linux,DOS

Post by David J Topp » Sun, 16 Oct 1994 06:16:35

Does anyone know any one or more of the following:

     - cmix for DOS?
          - where might I find it, I've only seen for Linux.

     - Linux / Xfree86 based graphical sound editor to view sound files, etc...

     - Linux / Xfree86 based sound file converter
          - .snd files to .au (whatever format Linux uses) files?

     - RT for DOS/Windows or Linux/Xfree86?



1. ** Cmix / Sox -> PLEASE HELP **

Is there anyone out there who know's about Linux sound?  I'm about
ready to give up on this project.

I've been trying to get Cmix running on Linux.  I downloaded
appropriate linux file from  I copied it into the
musr directory, but that's about as far as I can get.  Here are
some stories ...

Just trying to do a simple series of commands, you know, to see if
it works.  I take a score file right out of the intro.man1 file:


The file "" is that soundfile of Linux Torvalds saying
... "Hello, my name is Linus Torvalds ... " and so on.

The file "test" is a blank file that I created using sfcreate:

     sfcreate -r 22000 -c 1 -i test

But then when I try "mix <" I get the following:

     input:  151552
     name:   sr: 18241744253896912762044416.000000  
     nchans: 1869112675  class: -310612625 sfd[fno] 3
     Duration of file is 0.000000 seconds.
      ---------> Cmix/mix<----------
     Opening input file as unit 0
     CMIX: malloc ovpeak buffer error

Needless to say, the file "test" is unaltered.  Something is
clearly wrong here but I don't know what.

Perhaps, I thought to myself, the sound file format is incorrect.
So I go and check out the Sox program.  The file I downloaded was
Lsox... from

But the problems continue...

When trying to compile the sox programs, I get errors all over the
place.  Yes, I apply the patch as explained in the INSTALL file.
And yes, I move the appropriate files to the Sox directory.

I tried just about every concievable combination for the Makefile,
both the original and ones made from Makefile.unx.  But nothing
ever seems to work.
So then I check out the Linux software map (LSM) and see if my
version of Sox is outdated for the new sound drivers.  There's no
mention of it.

Is there anyone out there who can help, or direct me to someone who
can help.  I've been working on getting Cmix running on Linux for
a LONG time now, but never seem to get anywhere.

Is there anyone out there who has even managed to get Cmix running
on Linux?

Thanks (from the land of exhaustion and desperation)

Dave Topper

P.S.  I noticed, in previous attempts at this, that other sources
for Cmix (e.g., cmix.sparc) have many other directories with what
look like some added features.  Any way to port this stuff?

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