Zip Disk SCSI Insider Directory Problem

Zip Disk SCSI Insider Directory Problem

Post by John Scudde » Tue, 14 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Every once in a while when trying to copy large files from my Zip drive,
the drive starts clicking away and the copy stalls.  When I hit 'Cancel'
the copy aborts.  This is when another problem starts.  If I umount the
drive, take out the Zip Disk, put a new Zip Disk,  and remount.....the
new disk displays the directory of the previous disk.  No matter what I
do, I can't clear the previous directory.  I exit , login as root, still
a false directory.

How can I get the Zip Drive to actually read a new directory instead of
assuming the old disk is still in.  Back in the floppy days we called
this a change line problem.



1. NEWBIE:Iomega ZIP SCSI Insider

Hi all,

Just installed SuSE 6.0 (2.0.36 Kernel) and it works great BUT I am
having trouble accessing my Internal ZIP drive.

It is an Iomega ZIP SCSI Insider.

How should I start ?!! (very vague question I know but I have only just
started with Linux)

There are a couple of posts earlier on that mention things similar to:

mkfs -t msdos /dev/fdd4
mount /dev/fdd4 /mnt

but all the replies seem to relate to parallel port ZIP or ZIP's on the
How does it differ having a SCSI ZIP ???

Should I try and mount it like a normal SCSI drive ? (note: I have no
SCSI drives / cards in my system {apart from the ZIP} - only EIDE)

Any help would be appreciated


PS: I note that in the SuSE manual it talks about improvements supplied
by the 2.2.x kernels and in particular support for removable media
??????? - ie. they are treated as normal SCSI drives


P133, 64Mb RAM i430VX chipset with award BIOS.
Quantum Fireball 1.2Gb IDE
Matrox Mystique (158MHz RAMDAC, 4Mb)
Pioneer 10X CD (IDE)

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