Netscape 3.0x and RealPlayer 5.0 Beta 2

Netscape 3.0x and RealPlayer 5.0 Beta 2

Post by Zackary L Tippet » Tue, 16 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Whenever I run Netscape 3.0x and I want to be able to get Java working,
I must use the Java fix script from  They work great,
until recently.  I have upraded from RealAudio 3.0 to the RealPlayer 5.0
Beta 2 that comes with Red Hat 5.0, and this causes a problem with this
fix.  I know it is the fix because whenever I remove this, the problem
goes away.  The only bad thing is that, if I want Java (which I do!) I
need the fix script.  I also want RealPlayer, but as it seems, I can't
have both.  Is there another fix to this problem, or maybe this is just
a problem with the Beta version of RealPlayer (I hope!).  BTW, here is
the error I get from Netscape, and my fix script:

Java fix:
export CLASSPATH="/usr/local/netscape/java/classes/java_301:."
export LD_PRELOAD="/lib/"

sh: error loading shared librarys
/lib/ undefined symbols: ___default___movecore___init


Zackary Tippett


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