AMD chips and ASUS PCI Motherboards

AMD chips and ASUS PCI Motherboards

Post by Wayne Hodg » Fri, 29 Jul 1994 00:25:02


I got my new ASUS PCI/I-486SP3G and AMD 486DX2-66 yesterday. I booted with
Drews ncr_kern.3 and started X. As soon as I started xv (thus producing lots
of disk activity) the machine hangs completly and I have to reset. This
effect seems to be reproducable (I'll test more tonight). After posting on
the ASUS mailing list I got an interesting reply :

One of my colleagues has a similar problem (system hangs) under Linux and X
with an AMD CPU. He has an older ASUS SP3 PCI-board (Feb. 94). Yesterday he
has borrowed an INTEL CPU from me, and to our surprise all his
problems vanish. So i suspect that there could be some problems with AMD CPUs
and the Saturn-Chipset (my suggestion) on the board.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems? It would be nice to get to
the bottom of this one. I'll try out my old Intel 486DX33 tonight if I get
time to.


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