Interviews & Idraw crash with a "Floating exception"

Interviews & Idraw crash with a "Floating exception"

Post by Jeffrey J. Kosows » Mon, 15 May 1995 04:00:00

I installed the Interviews package from disk iv1 from the Slakware 2.2
distribution. I am running Linux 1.25 & XFree86-3.1.1 with the
accelerated ATI Mach64 server.

I am able to use all the features of Idraw (and in fact spent quite a
bit of time drawing a figure for my thesis) *except* the save feature.
When I try to save a document it crashes without warning leaving the
message "Floating exception" on my terminal screen.  This happens
consistently. The crash occurs after the name of the file to be saved
has been selected from the dialog box.  I am able to load the demo
drawings without any problem.  I get similar crashes when I
try to save under other Interview applications.

Any clue about what could be wrong?
Feel free to post or e-mail responses.



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I'm running idraw under Linux (slackware distribution, 1.2.1 kernel)
on a 486DX4.  Idraw crashes with a Floating Point Exception
in the process of saving any document.

Any suggestions?  Is there some way I can turn of hardware FPU support
for just idraw?  Is there a problem with the 1.2.1 kernel FPU support?
Is there a more recent idraw distribution for Linux than the one that's
on sunsite in the slackware distribution?

Thanks for any help,

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