PC connectivity with CASIO SF-4900

PC connectivity with CASIO SF-4900

Post by Hanak Davi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I wonder if any of you guys can help me.  I've just bought a CASIO
SF-4900 scheduler/organizer, and I thought it would be nice if I could
backup my data on my PC once in a while.  I already know from web
pages, that softwares for PC connectivity exist, but I could find any
place to order or download.  Besides, I would be more happy if I
didn't have to pay another 30$ for the software and cable.

Does anybody know the specification of the communication of this
device, or (even better) does anybody have some (preferably Linux)
program for this purpose?  As far as I know, this CASIO thingy
connects to other units via a standard RS-232 serial port, so the
cable shouldn't be complicated to make...

At least can anybody tell me, where can I buy or order it? (in case
this is the only remaining option)

Thanks in advance, please answer in private mail (I'm not subscribed
to the list)

David Hanak


1. No sound or mouse control with Packard Bell Force 4900


I'm helping a friend set up a Packard Bell Force 4900.  Although
not all of the following specs may be applicable, I'll list them

Pentium 60Mhz
8 MB Ram
420 MB HD
PCI Motherboard, 3 PCI Slots
ATI Mach32, 1MB VRAM
Force 16 Sound Card
CD-ROM Drive
1.44" drive
PS/2 Keyboard
PS/2 Mouse

Now the PS/2 ports are built into the motherboard.  I've installed
Slackware 1.2.0.  When the kernel loads, it detects the "PS/2
auxiliary pointer device" and prints that it has loaded the
driver.  The Force 16 graphics card has hardware-compatibility
modules for Sound Blaster, and MPU-401.

The problem with the mouse is that with selection in text mode,
and under X11, the mouse (when moved) goes to the very top of the
screen - like no matter how much i move it down, it keeps going
up.  So, I did two things to try to solve this.  I recompiled the
kernel without C&T 82C710 mouse port support, keeping the PS/2
mouse support.  Now, both the /dev/bmouseps2 and /dev/ps2aux
reports the "device or resource busy" error.  BTW, which one
am i supposed to link to /dev/mouse anyways?  That is my mouse problem.

With sound, I have recompiled the kernel with many combinations, but
none of them work.  The symptoms are the following: sound output on
both /dev/dsp and /dev/audio will play for approximately less than
one second, and then stop.  However, the program (tracker or
cat <soundfile> > /dev/audio) will continue for the duration of
the music or sound file as if nothing went wrong.  The Force 16
documentation is pretty lean.  I figure that it emulates SB

of activated SB driver modules i try, the following is always
autodetected.  Adlib at 0 irq, 0 drq.  SB 2.1 at 7 irq, 1 drq.
SB 16 at 7 irq, 6 drq.  Now is it that both SB 2.1 and SB 16
are at IRQ 7?  Usually, no sound output is produced at all if the
IRQs conflict.  I am really stuck here.  BTW, the sound buffer
is configured for 65336 bytes.

I have however gotten the CDROM drive to work.  It is a Lasermate
CDROM at 0x630.  I'm using the sbpcd (Panasonic) CDROM driver for it.

In summary, I have two problems: mouse that always seems to move up
to the top of the screen (left and right works - barely), and a
sound card that produces sound for less than a second and then

I greatly appreciate anyone's efforts in trying to help me resolve these
problems.  Thanks in advance.

Jon Yi

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