HELP: Linux versus NEC CDR-272 quad-speed ATAPI CD drive

HELP: Linux versus NEC CDR-272 quad-speed ATAPI CD drive

Post by Morten Toftgaard Jens » Thu, 08 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi All!

Where may I find a kernel with the above CD drive implemented (a NEC CDR-260
driver would be just fine)?

Thanks in advance for all answers!


Morten Toftgaard Jensen
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1. Need help w/ inst. with NEC CDR-272 4x CDROM!

I am trying to install linux off of the infomagic dist cds, and it keeps
crashing.  It will crash in difference place during the installation, so
it is not one particular file that is making it crash.  I have a p100 with
18 megs of ram, and am installing linux on /dec/hdb1 which is a 540 meg
IDE drive.  my cdrom is /dec/hdc, as it is a secondary ide drive.  What
happens when it crashes is this:  I will do the setup and it will start
to install the files to the hd, and then it will just stop, and nothing will
work, so I have to restart.  I finally got it to install a  very basic
system by only installing the basic required files with no options, and it
didn't crash during the installation.  If I leave a cdrom in the drive during
startup linux will check to see if there is a cd in the drive, and if so
the computer will just stop as soon as it tries to read from the drive.  If
there is no cdrom in the drive linux will startup fine.

also if I try to mount the cdrom (mount /dev/hdc /cdrom) so that I can try
to install more of the programs it will read from the drive and just stop
and there is nothing that I can do short of rebooting.

Has anyone had this problem or know how I can fix it?


let me know if I didn't explain that right.



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