Multi boot: Linux [/dev/hda] and NT [/dev/hdb]

Multi boot: Linux [/dev/hda] and NT [/dev/hdb]

Post by Bunb » Sat, 03 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I have two IDE hard drives on my computer.  The first IDE (/dev/hda)
harddrive (Master) is used by Linux (RedHat-6.0).  Meanwhile, the slave
(/dev/hdb) drive is used by Windows NT-4.0 Workstation.  What I would like
to do is to setup my computer to do a multi boot using LILO, i.e. Linux on
/dev/hda and NT on /dev/hdb).  Therefore, I am looking for the LILO
configuration file to allow me to do such a setup.

If you have dones such a setup and would like to help, please e-mail me your
lilo.conf file.  Thank you.



1. LILO that does linux at /dev/hda and BEos at /dev/hdb

I want to get lilo booting a install of be for intel version 4 that I just
did at /dev/hdb1 (do not know be's descriptor, yet...).  I have suse 5.3 at
/dev/hda2, with lilo in the mbr.  If anyone has a sample lilo.conf that they
use, could you please send me an email with it or post it here?  Im using
boot diskettes now to boot be.  Its not bad but booting from lilo would be
much nicer.

Michael Perry


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