Looking for killer portable machine

Looking for killer portable machine

Post by Stephen Cra » Tue, 01 Mar 1994 20:59:56

Hello world,
I am in the market for a portable/laptop to run Linux for demos, etc.  
Its hardware configuration must include as a minimum:
* Colour LCD screen (for X)
* 8M RAM (to run X as fast as possible)
* Ethernet card (with supported driver :-)
* ~400M disk space
* 486DX-33/50 or 486DX2-66

Can anyone tell me of their personal experiences with portables?  I
will probably be purchasing it in the UK, but would consider importing
it from the US if the price differential is sufficiently great.

Of course, value for money is also an important concern!
Stephen Crane, Dept of Computing, Imperial College of Science, Technology and

"The teaching of COBOL should be made a criminal offence" -- Edsger Dijkstra.


1. highmem=system killer, 2.2.17=performance killer ?

Hi all,

thank you very much for your convenience and effort.
I've now located the real reason for all my problems.

It was just a bad memory modul. Believe me, i'd tested them before
But i had to learn that even ECC-modules installed in brand motherboards
dont tell you that they are not working correctly.

After trying all new kernel versions and patches i was really
All the discussions in the LKLM concerning the new vm +swap
frustated me since i was really thinking that the stable kernel tree is
not really stable.
I'm a user of linux since 0.99pl2 so this would have been a new
experience to me.

All in all i'm still wondering that the system was working anyway.
So finding the real error was just inspiration and luck.

Thanx for all hints


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