X11amp Stereo Separation Problem

X11amp Stereo Separation Problem

Post by aju.. » Wed, 19 May 1999 04:00:00

I am using RedHat Linux 6.0 (normal installation)

with x11amp 0.9beta1.1, on a machine with a fairly

strong CPU, using SoundBlaster 16.

The problem I'm having is the stereo separation.

Normally the sound quality is very good, but

sometimes the stereo separation gets garbled up

(not lost but garbled up) so that some of the

sounds can only be heard by your left ear and

some other sounds can only be heard by your right

ear. (Especially, the high-frequency sounds can be

heard either on the left or on the right when

the problem occurs.)

The problem goes away when I restart a song or

I use the drag bar.

So I guess the problem is with the mp3 decoder

(because resetting it makes the problem go away).

Is there anyone experiencing the same problem?

Where exactly is the problem? Kernel? OSS?

Sound card? My ear?


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Hallo there

I've just found x11amp on the internet. x11amp is
a Winamp look-alike and basically it works ok, but
it's very annoying that there is a small but very
clear stop in the music every time I switch
between my virtual screens. In x11amp it is
possible to use a buffer and so far I've tried
buffers from 2Mb - 10Mb, but always with the same
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of memory. My graphics card is a Matrox Mill. II
with 4Mb of memory.

For you guys who would like to try the x11amp, you
can download it at: http://www.x11amp.bz.nu/

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