Seting up TIN and PINE probs.

Seting up TIN and PINE probs.

Post by Bruce Hurwi » Mon, 26 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I have a few questions, one how do I setup tin and pine for remote
fees!?!! I have been unable to do this. And second, can I set pine to run
with multiple e-mai laccounts? TIa -GUS

1. Pine 3.95 and pine.conf/pine.conf.fixed

Hello all,

Just a quick question for today.  I recently installed q-mail on my
system to replace sendmail.  One of the things required by this install
is moving the mail folders to the users directories.  System is FreeBSD
2.1.5-Release, Pine is version 3.95.

I would like to set up Pine to default to a file (Mailbox) in the user's
home directory.  I know I need to set inbox-path=Mailbox but for some
reason Pine seems to ignore it's system wide configuration file.  If you
specify the system wide file, it works fine.

I've got pine.conf in /usr/local/lib/ as specified as the default
location for the global config file in the man pages....  Where'd I go

Thanks for any pointers!!


PS: An e-mailed reply in addition to a follow up post is greatly
appreciated as my news feed isn't all that great ;)

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