Driver for Brother HL 720 laser printer (ghostscript)

Driver for Brother HL 720 laser printer (ghostscript)

Post by jimk » Mon, 09 Feb 1998 04:00:00


> Hello,

> I wrote a Ghostscript driver for the Brother HL 720 laser printer. I
> submitted it to Aladdin Enterprises and it should be included in
> upcoming versions of Ghostscript (i.e. the ones coming AFTER 5.10).

> This driver is completely free from copyrights by Brother or Microsoft
> (the printer is not a true WPS printer, which is why I could obtain
> documentation). You should not that such documentation is not available
> for Oki and Canon (LBP 660) printers which prevents us from writing
> drivers for them (thanks to a Crimosoft Non Disclosure Agreement...)

> Some facts about the driver and the printer
>   = The printer is a 600dpi, 6 ppm , 300$ printer
>   = With ghostscript you can print at approximately 5 ppm
>   = It took less than 50 hours to develop the driver

> People (especially maintainers of Ghostscript packages for commercial
> distributions) who want to use the driver with gs3.33 can contact me and
> I will send them my patch. (The patch has already been posted in
> fr.comp.os.linux a few months ago). Maybe normal users can wait for
> debian and red hat packages.

> - --
>         Sincerely

>         P.O. Gaillard

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> ZKkjQJmarL0=
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  Any chance of posting that patch here?  I'm making the final phase switch over
from any Micro$oft products to fully Linux and can't afford to buy _another_