HELP: Problem with XF86_SVGA

HELP: Problem with XF86_SVGA

Post by Andrei Caldararu - Math Grad - Prof S » Fri, 07 Mar 1997 04:00:00

My computer worked fine with my old graphics board, but now I decided
to be fancy and bought a new video board with the following specs:

manufactured by Cardex, it is a PCI ET4000/W32p 1Meg memory. That's essentially
all I know about it. It works fine in Windows '95, but when I tried setting
it up with Linux I ran into trouble. The usual server XF86_SVGA starts, but
the image has vertical irregular stripes, and when I move the cursor it
leaves traces of it behind. On the other hand, the accelerated server
XF86_W32 simply makes the screen black, with no way of getting it back
to work.

If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know. My computer has
an Intel mobo for P60-66, with a P60 in it.

Thanks, Andrei.


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Ok, it's a silly subject but the point is this:

using the same XF86Config and the same machine, XF86_SVGA from Red Hat
does not work but XF86_SVGA from Slackware does.

I did an "X -configured" on both binaries and it seems that they are
both based on the same XF86 code, but the binaries are quite

In any case, I copied the X binary from Slackware and it looks fine.

I'd like to get this working with the "distribution" setup though,
perhaps there is another problem I'm missing.

William York

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