ETH0 Reciever Overrun

ETH0 Reciever Overrun

Post by Paul Tombl » Sat, 12 Mar 1994 00:41:11

We occassionally get this message, and when it happens one or more machines
have to be rebooted.

We are running a mixed bag of machines, almost all with SLS 1.03, some with
kernel pl12, others with pl14f.  It happens on the pl14f ones as well as the
pl12 ones.  I've installed the rpc 0.9 patches on all the machines.

The program we are running uses rpc to talk to a daemon on several other
machines, which then launches several other programs on those machines, all
of which talk to the program on the original machine.

Paul Tomblin, Head - Automated Test Tools Team.
Gandalf Canada Limited
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1. problems with net-2? (eth0:Reciever overrun.)

    I recently installed linux on my machine at work.  I used the MCC
distribution and isntalled it on a GateWay2000 386SX/20C with four megs of
memory.  After setting up the networking software everything seemed to
work fine.  I could ftp, telnet, rlogin in or out of my machine, but if I left
my machine on overnight it eventually started displaying the error :

    eth0:Reciever overrun.
         Couldn't allocate a sk_buff of size 132

    I figured because it was trying to allocate something that it was running
out of memory, but free shows 1644 total for actual memory and 5116 total for
the swap file I'm using.  

    Jeff Evans

info on my machine:

   -gateway 2000 386SX/20C
   -diamond speedstar vga adapter
   -83 meg ide hard drive
   -kernal 0.99-pl10+.
   -wd8003 ethernet card interrupt 5 0x300 0xc800
   -MCC package



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