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I want to run a script from apache which will modify or add user from webpage.
How can I can run the script as root? or Can I run apache as root?

Please help me

Linux Dumb


1. useradd, userdel, usermod, where are they?

I can't seem to find useradd anywhere in my system. man page for it
are missing too (it does show up in "man -k user" though). Can someone
tell me where to get them or what other command I use instead to create
user IDs?

BTW, I also asked a question couple of days ago about my video card
(Trident TGUI9660). No response so far, am I the only one using the card??
Any hints will be appreciated. Thanks.


PS. I did a full install of linux 1.2.8 (slackware). Beside X, everything
        else seems to be up and runnig fine.

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