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: My recommendation.
:     If you must install a UNIX-like system TODAY, try LINUX, Minix or OS/2.
:     Otherwise, please wait for the "shakeout", not all parties
:     will last in this round.

Bravo!  Finally the BSD camp has come to its senses and decided to adopt a real
operating system, Linux.


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1. Need advice to build Mosaic 2.6 on Linux system


I'm trying to build Mosaic-2.6 with Metrolink Motif 2.0 from source. My
System is a complete ELF one. With gcc-2.72, libc-5.1.18, ld-1.7.12 as
development environment.  Kernel is still 1.2.13.

There was something wrong with the XmManagerClassPart included from
/usr/include/X11/Xm/ManagerP.h .

I've no make log handy at the moment, but if someone is willing to help
me out, I'll provide them.

The exactly same kind of messages appear if I try to build moxftp-2.2.

Has someone out there a fix or idea handy?


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