rdump/rrestore to Sun Exabyte?

rdump/rrestore to Sun Exabyte?

Post by Matt A. Wo » Wed, 01 May 1996 04:00:00

A question from a Linux newbie:

I tried to find this in the docs, but couldn't: Is it possible to
dump/restore to/from a Sun Sparcstation on my Dept network from my
linux machine?  I'd like to backup my harddisk, and it would be
very nice if I could rdump to our dept exabyte tape!

Thanks very much!

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We have been successfully using rdump on a Sun SPARC2 with 2 Exabyte 8mm
5.2gb tape drives, dumping both Sun filesystems and AIX filesystems.
Unfortunately, we neglected to test the restores. :-( Now, when I need
it, I can't get the AIX filesystems back from tape. SunOS consistently
says I/O error on the tape (we stack multiple filesystem dumps) using
restore, rrestore or even dd. The RS/6000 320H complains either about
I/O error or the file's blocksize is not an even multiple of 1024. We
dump using 512K blocks. We haven't even been successful from the RS/6K
trying to forward space the tape, I/O error again. Any ideas or
suggestions? Thanks in advance for ANY help!


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