Mouse/X Windows: GPM repeater (gpm -R, /dev/gpmdata) problem

Mouse/X Windows: GPM repeater (gpm -R, /dev/gpmdata) problem

Post by Decklin Foste » Thu, 02 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I am attempting to get my 3-button, M$ protocol mouse to work properly
under X. I tried getting the mouse to switch to MouseSystems protocol
by the methods described in the HOWTO to no success (no jumpers
inside, and it ignores left button held on power-up). So, reading
further, I set up gpm as a "repeater" with

gpm -3 -R -t ms

And then modified XF86Config to use /dev/gpmdata with the 3-button
MouseSystems protocol. This works, except I cannot drag the middle
button (button 2.) If I attempt to to this, GPM will send one button-2
click, then a bunch of move messages, then another click when i
release button-2, through gpmdata.

How can I solve this? I could use either:

- A patch to GPM to send the right data
- A patch to X to use the 3-button extension to the MS protocol, like
  GPM does in console mode.

The latter would be preferred. I can't figure out why the feature
hasn't been incorporated into X yet. I'm using:

gpm 1.13
XFree86 3.3.1

please read:
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