Sys Admins help out a newbie to it...

Sys Admins help out a newbie to it...

Post by Aamer Sachedin » Wed, 13 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I am running Linux on my home PC and even though I am the only user, I
want to do things like right.  

I just downloaded netscape.  When I unzip and  unarchive it, it gives me
a whole bunch of files and directories including a  few executables.  As
a sys. admin. where should one put these files (/bin or /usr/bin
/usr/sbin).  The README file does not specify.

Also if I am using the bourne shell,  how does a user set up the PATH
variable so that it is set to what they want when they login.

Thanks in advance for taking out your time to help me.


P.S. Email is appreciated.


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change that now so it lands in a subdir named xdod.  I have no idea how to
accomplish that goal.  But at least I was smart enough to find this group so
I can ask.  If I haven't stated the problem clearly enough, or if I've left
out any critical information, please enlighten me.   Thank you.


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