newbie question: missing as86 in binutils?

newbie question: missing as86 in binutils?

Post by Ben Castricu » Sat, 09 May 1998 04:00:00


I recently decided to upgrade my binutils and I though I was smart my
removing the old version with a

removepkg binutils

(slackware 3.3 if I recall correctly). But now the as86 (which is a part of
the binutils according to slackware package) is missing.  My (probably
obvious) question is : how do I create the as86 program?


P.S. Please do a CC to my E-mail account since this group is way to busy to
keep track off!


1. kernel 2.0.30 does not compile: as86 not found - what is as86???


Failed to compile kernel 2.0.30 because at the last stage it wants a
program named "as86" to compile the boot sector or some such stuff. I
traced this to arch/i386/Makefile which defines the following:

AS86 = $(CROSS-COMPILE)as86 -O
AS386 = $(CROSS-COMPILE)as86 -3 -O

and I don't have a clue as to what as86 and ld86 are. I have a
supposedly full installation of redhat 4.2 with gcc, libc, g++, libg++,
make, binutils, etc.etc., all the latest versions. Any suggestions would
be appreciated.

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