Creating new swap area without backup

Creating new swap area without backup

Post by Claus S. Jens » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00


Is it possible to create a new swap partition without having
to take backup of the harddisk ?  Does there exist tools to
do this ?


Claus S. Jensen

    Claus Skaanning Jensen, Ph.D.-student at Aalborg University, Denmark


1. create an extra swap area


 Could somebody tell me how to create an extra swap area on SCO 3.2 v4.2

We had tried the following command for several times, yet always got the
error message like  :warning: alad: Poll command failed on drive ID=5
swap = no such device or address.

/etc/swap/ -a /dev/swap2 0 360000

Thanks in advance!


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