how2 debug minicom?

how2 debug minicom?

Post by Doug Sanderso » Tue, 09 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I'm able to use minicom to connect with my ISP and do vi and all
that jazz, but I can not transfer files.  When I try to download,
sz hangs.  When I try to upload, I get no error messages, but
nothing gets transferred.  I looked in the logfiles in the var
directory, and didn't see anything there.  How does one debug
minicom problems?
Doug Sanderson


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I am a new user of Linux and want to set up PPP badly.  However, I've read the
HOWTO and followed the structions but just can't get it working.  What I've
got so far :-

1)I can dial in to my ISP using Minicom and logged in all right.
2)I can type in ppp at the prompt and garbage showed up (talking)

After that, I followed the instruction and type in <Alt-Q>, but when I do so,
not only the MINICOM quits but also the whole x-term will disappear leaving
the /dev/modem locked (when I pick up the phone, there is a dial tone so I
know it hanged up too).  My /etc/ppp/options file and /etc/resolv.conf look
as follow :-

asyncmap 0
mtu 552
mru 552

and my /etc/resolv.conf :-



Thanks for any help.  I really appreciate it.

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