SLIP module for 1.3.73?

SLIP module for 1.3.73?

Post by Alfred J. Bersba » Thu, 18 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I've compiled the version 1.3.73 kernel to get simultaneous support for both the modem and Ethernet ports on my 3C562.  IP works great over Ethernet and the
modem dials and completes my dip script, but no SLIP interface is created:  ifconfig shows no SLIP interface, and no IP applications work over the phone link.

SLIP doesn't show up in dmesg as it used to before changing to the modules-based kernel, but I believe that's to be expected.  SLIP support should itself be a
module.  I followed the directions in the kernel's README.modules and ran "make modules" and "make modules_install" but I noticed only floppy.o being compiled
and  modprobe -l shows only .../net/8930.o and .../block/floppy.o.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



1. 1.3.73--I can't find SLIP module

I've just downloaded and compiled 1.3.73 and the pcmcia module so I can
use both the serial and Ethernet ports of my 3C562 simultaneously.  All
went well (amazing!) except I can't get SLIP to go on the serial port.  
Ethernet works, DIP dials and connects and goes through an entire script
correctly, but when it ends--no SLIP and ifconfig shows no SLIP interface.

I'm not sure exactly what I configured into the kernel but there's nothing
about SLIP in dmesg (as there was in earlier, non-module kernals I've
used).  The README.modules for this kernal mentions a slip module but when
I did as directed (make modules, make modules_install) there's no
improvement.  Make modules spent a while apparently compiling a floppy
module but nothing else I noticed.  If I do modprobe -l I see two modules:
floppy and 8390--whatever that is.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.



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