Java icon editor for Linux - new release

Java icon editor for Linux - new release

Post by Colin Mummer » Tue, 25 Apr 2000 04:00:00

The latest version of the "IconPainter" (2.2) has been modified to run
correctly with Sun's Java runtime for Linux and now overcomes the
problems of using non-native threads. Some Linux users had problems
with the image editing functions in older versions starting and
stopping threads and this has been fixed. This version also adds TIFF
support and a better image chooser.

More information and download at

Regards Colin Mummery , IconPainter author

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1. Java icon/image editor - new release

IconPainter Version 1.3 is now
available for download from

IconPainter is a image/icon editor that
can edit and manipulate images of any size
with any number of colors
using the latest Java2D class libraries.

The product reads and writes GIF,JPG,BMP,ICO,CUR,
ANI. This latest release can read and write PNG
files allowing true color (16 million)
images to be saved and edited.
PNG support is based on the Java Advanced
Imaging extension which is a free download from Sun.

For info and screenshots go to

Regards Colin Mummery, IP author

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