/var file system <==> /usr file system

/var file system <==> /usr file system

Post by Gerhard Bos » Sun, 14 Apr 1996 04:00:00

there was a discussion about the different file systems going on
in this newsgroup. Has anybody collected the postings and can
send me a summary about this.

-  The generated fonts for "xdvi"
   are written in my installation to the /var file system. I'm just
   afraid that this will grow too much. In the worst case, can I
   delete the files stored in /var unconditionally ? Are there
   any system files which are really needed ?

-  Xman asks me always if I want to store some formatted man-pages.
   Are these also stored in /var ?

The information about /var in the Linux book of InfoMagic is a bit
short on this issue.
Please tell me the man page or the appropriate faq if this is a
common question. RTFM usually does not solve any questions.

problems reading news. If you are interested in the replys I can
send you a summary by email.
// EOJ
Mit freundlichen Gruessen, Gerhard

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