New Linux development discussion list

New Linux development discussion list

Post by Steve Magrude » Sat, 18 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I've recently started a discussion list that covers software development for
Linux.  Here's the list description:

Discussion list dedicated to developing *enterprise* systems for the Linux
operating system. Advanced topics such as object-oriented design,
multi-threading, distributed objects (e.g., CORBA) and Internet/server-side
development are most welcome.

Another great area for discussion is the upcoming Kylix (Delphi for Linux)
product from Borland.

To join the list, go here:

   Steve Magruder
   Moderator of the popular CORBA-Developer list


1. ANNOUNCE: NEW-LIST: MMXP-Talk (Meeting Maker XP Discussion List)

MMXP-Talk is an open, unmoderated discussion list regarding Meeting Maker
XP (MMXP) from ON Technology. The intent of this list is to provide a
forum where all MMXP users, administrators, etc. can share ideas and ask
questions specifically related to Meeting Maker XP. Some examples of
possible topics are features, configurations, performance, problems, and
other issues.

Although this list is not sponsored by ON Technology, their participation
is encouraged in its discussions. However, this list is not intended to
replace their current support mechanisms, so please do not expect them to
respond to any particular messages posted here.

As this is a discussion list, constructive feedback and information
exchange are welcome, but flaming and mail attachments are strongly
discouraged. If we each keep our questions and comments focused on our
objective, to improve Meeting Maker XP and the way we implement it in our
environments, then we will all benefit from a productive list.

Please share this list address with any group, company, school, or other
organization that is using or considering using Meeting Maker XP.

To subscribe to MMXP-Talk, send the following command to

SUBSCRIBE MMXP-TALK YourFirstName YourLastName

For more information on Meeting Maker XP from ON Technology, please see:


For more information on Meeting Maker XP at Emory University, please see:


You may also view the current archives of the MMXP-Talk list on the web:


If you have any other questions about the MMXP-Talk list,
you may write to the list owners at the generic address:

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