Internet Access Router

Internet Access Router

Post by J. S. Jense » Fri, 10 Apr 1998 04:00:00

> who has ever set up a PC with Linux as an internet access router ?? Im a

We and many others.  You don't need a powerful PC.  A 386 will do.

Quote:> absolute beginner with Linux and TCP/IP. But I want to connect a small LAN

Better learn just a little about valid and non-valid IPs, and re-compiling the
Linux kernel to support `masquerading.'

Quote:> the Linux PC should be a mail- and news-server and if possible work as
> "internet cache" like a proxy-server.

I wouldn't use it for a news-server, considering the sheer amount of data you
would need.  If you are connecting to an ISP, then use their servers as your
email and news servers.  You can set up many proxies if you want, in fact I
believe Apache ( does proxying.

J. S. Jensen