Post by Frank Elsne » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Following the RedHat Advisory [RHSA-2000:108-03] (Updated modutils fixing local
root         security bug) I've updated from modutils-2.3.9-6 to
and got a problem:

Loading sound module (sb) failed with the message(s):

| Nov 21 19:04:33 moltke rc.sysinit: Finding module dependencies succeeded
| Nov 21 19:04:33 moltke modprobe: Using /lib/modules/2.2.18-21/misc/sound.o
| Nov 21 19:04:33 moltke modprobe: insmod: a module named sound already exists
| Nov 21 19:04:33 moltke rc.sysinit: Loading sound module (sb) failed
| Nov 21 19:04:33 moltke modprobe: insmod: insmod
/lib/modules/2.2.18-21/misc/sound.o failed
| Nov 21 19:04:33 moltke modprobe: insmod: insmod sb failed

File "/etc/modules.conf" (unchanged, working with the previous
modutils-2.3.9-6) reads:

| alias sound sb
| pre-install sound /sbin/insmod sound dmabuf=1
| options sb io=0x220 irq=7 dma=0 mpu_io=0x300

Any pointers to solve the problem are very welcome.

-Frank Elsner


1. Weird TNT/Xfree86-3_3_3_1-1_1.i386.rpm news

This is a carbon of info I sent to another person but I think it might be
helpful to others so I am posting it here.

I have a partial solution the the (mine and anothers) TNT problem. First, I
installed RH5.2 and set up a user for myself.

This is what I did. I downloaded
Xfree-3_3_3_1-1_1_i386.rpm (7MB)
Xfree-SVGA-3_3_3_1-1_1_i386.rpm (101KB)
Xfree-XF86setup-3_3_3_1-1_1_i386.rpm (180KB)
at the redhat 5.2 upgrades site.

I installed then in this order using rpm -i --force filename.rpm
1st the setup, 2nd the SVGA server, 3rd the xfree upgrade. I then used
xf86config under /etc/X11R6/bin to use the custom options (I do not know
if the dot clocks are the same for other TNT cards but I will list the
resolutions it told me upon x startup because a TNT card is a TNT card, I

max dor clock = 250.000 (same as TNT 250MHZ ramdac - just an

640x480 45.800
800x600 69.650
1024x768 115.500
1280x1024 137.500

If you attempt to install them w/o --force then they will conflict with
other files and will refuse to install (I think it simply does not want
to write over the old ones).

I haven't used Xconfigurator this time because when I --force the 7MB
Xfree86 file it will display the card (V550 for example) but has a
segmentation fault and a core dump upon selection so I decided to use
xf86config to set it by hand (it auto detects upon startx anyway).

I also attempted to add known available resolutions to XF89Config with
the others under the bpp section but when used the start panel under
fvwm2 disappeared and centered on a shell screen and would move always
towards it (weird) so I left it be for now.

Presently it runs stable with startx -- -bpp 32 (I need to figure out
how to make it do this by itself, otherwise this worked for me).

Any opinions?

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