Emacs v20.2 RPMs

Emacs v20.2 RPMs

Post by Michael W. Ry » Sat, 15 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I need some help finding RPMs for Emacs v20.2.  I can find the executable
RPMs (emacs-X11-20.2-3.i386.rpm) without any problem at Red Hat's site.
What I can't track down is the RPM for the lisp and support files
(emacs-20.2-3.i386.rpm).  It isn't found in Red Hat's contrib directory
with the other Emacs RPMs.  There's an RPM in the Mustang path, but since
Mustang is based on a different set of libs, I don't want to use it.

Also, could someone explain the difference between the MBSK and non-MBSK
binaries (besides the sizes, of course :).

Thank you.

Michael W. Ryan

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I have just installed a bare copy of RedHat 6.2, ie. no RPMS except
IPCHAINS.  Now, I want to install EMACS, could someone tell me which
package I should install?  I have installed the following package but no

with the command
   rpm -ivh emacs-20.5-7.i386.rpm

There are some other packages, ie:

Should I also install those packages?  Or there are something else.  I
would like to install only the necessary packages.  Thanks very much.

Patrick Kong

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